She’s Tasked With Interviewing A Veteran At School, Breaks Down When She Realizes Who 2k

It’s tough on everyone when someone goes of to serve their country, you never know exactly how long they will be gone for and how often you’ll get a chance to speak with them. On top of all that is worrying about their health and safety, thinking they’re ok and dreaming of the day to be reunited again. When Haley Webb had to say goodbye to her dad, U.S Army Sergeant First Class Jason Webb, she felt lost and incomplete. As time went on and Veteran’s Day approached, Haley’s dad and grandmother were preparing a special surprise for her, with the help of Bingham Middle School.

During a Veteran’s Day assembly at school, Haley was tasked with reading a bio of a veteran she was going introduce for the school to honor, but soon realized the bio she was reading reminded her a lot of her father, and that’s because it was! As her tears grew reading it, she looked up and noticed her dad walking towards her, leaving her in tears.

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