One of the hardest decisions to make when you’re outside having fun is how you’ll be getting back home if you have one too many to drink.

Paula Grzelak-Schultz went out to one of their favorite restaurant and bar, Original Joe’s, and had a great time while enjoying some great food. It was so good in fact that they ended up being more drunk than they planned to be.

Source: EITHP {link:}

Source: EITHP {link:}

Paula made the decision to leave her car in the parking lot outside the restaurant and call a cab to go home. She knew it was far better for her to receive a parking fine than to be drunk driving. A small fine was a small price to pay instead of the possible catastrophic consequences of a drunk driver.

A few days later Paula return to the parking lot outside Original Joe’s, Sherwood Park, Alberta, on her way back from work and saw something stuck to her windshield. At first glance she thought it was a ticket and shrugged it off since she knew she did the right thing. However, when she got closer, she noticed it was a letter from Original Joe’s.

She began reading the heartwarming letter and it left her in tears. She took the opportunity to take a photo of the letter and posted it to Facebook, where thousands of people praised the manager for a wonderful act of kindness.

Source: Facebook {link:}

Source: Facebook {link:}

The manager at Original Joe’s, Jay McLean, wanted to go above and beyond to thank Paula for making the right choice by leaving her car that night and valuing life. Jay said he had started leaving letter on cars of the restaurant’s patrons to discourage drink driving. He also threw in some freebies for Paula.

Huge respect for Jay McLean and Original Joe’s for setting a great example!


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