She was Born Without Arms, Years Later She Made A Startling Discovery Delivering Her Son 3k

Linda Bannon was born with a rare genetic condition called ‘Holt Oram’, it causes those who have it to be born without arms. She grew up in a loving and caring household but still experienced the hardships of not being able to be a normal girl like her friends, or do normal things. She was able to grow up and do most of the things she wanted, within her limits, and even had a child of her own.

But when Timmy was born, the noticed he too suffered from Holt Oram, and he was armless, just like this mother. Knowing how she felt growing up, she vowed to give him the best of life and raise him with everything she learned on how to go about daily life using just their feet to do almost everything. Today Timmy is a sports star who is great at swimming and taekwondo martial arts. The mother and son team have inspired many with how motivated and positive they are about their lives.

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