She Was Born With A Rare Disorder But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Singing Her Heart Out Everyday 1k

Suffering from illnesses and disorders can affect different people in different way. While some are not as severe and life threatening as others, no one wants to have to spend extra time in a hospital and have to remember to take their medication on time, all the time, especially kids.

Audrey was born with a rare disorder that primarily affects her bone marrow and her ability to produce red blood cells. Diamond Blackfan Anaemia is a severe disorder that requires the patient to seek medical help though medicinal therapies and transplants to keep them well, despite all of them have serious side effects. All of that can make someone feel sad and depressed, let a lot a child.

But Audrey has never given up smiling, she is determine to carry on doing what makes her happy most and that is singing her heart out! Audrey’s father describes her as “a beautiful, smart and happy little girl who loves music, singing, dancing, stuffed animals and baby dolls”.

After gaining much support online, some large names and companies have sent her over care packages to bring a smile on her face when it’s much needed. Recently, the Sing Machine Company sent Audrey a brand new karaoke machine, and she loves using it everyday!

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