She Walked Past A Line Of Homeless People. When She Looked Back? Wow 4k

Becky Kelley has loved singing ever since she discovered she had a voice. Bring brought up in a house where music was so dominant, her father was a pianist and would always play to Becky when she was throwing tantrums and crying as a baby. Her mother would often sing over the piano being played, singing her favorite songs in a voice Becky describes as “angelic”.

In 2010, Becky Kelley released a song called “Where’s the Line to See Jesus” and it went incredibly viral. What many people don’t know is that it’s based on a true story.
Some years ago, Becky took her nephew to see Santa Clause at their local mall. Before they got there, he asked his mom “where’s the line to see Jesus?”. This incredibly powerful sentence gave her ideas on how Christmas has a deeper meaning behind how it’s often celebrated today, and she wanted to show that in her song.

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