She Took A Salary Cut To Help Children In Need, Reduced To Tears When Ellen Shows Her A Message 2k

There are some people who deidicate their lives to making it better for others, and 24-year-old Ashlyn DeLoach is a perfect example. She is an occupational therapist and chose to work in one of the poorest school districts in the county and state to help children in need.

Her dream is to give her students the best chance for a bright future, even if that means she has to travel 30 miles everyday to and from her school. Everyday, her first goal is to make children smile before teaching them new things. She chose to work in Brantley County because she feels thats where more help is needed, and just seeing the kids smile makes it all worth it for her.

And if that weren’t enough, every year she gives back around 10 percent of her salary back to the kids she works with. Whether that is through equipment, small holiday celebrations or just buying treats for them, so they can feel special.

When Ellen heard her story, she wanted to give Ashlyn and her husband Brett a heartfelt surprise.

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