She Takes Out Her Violin At This Busy Subway Station. Then It’s All Eyes On Her! 2k

Lindsey Stirling grew up wanting to be a musician but had not yet decided which instrument she wanted to focus on. After trying out a number of different instruments, it’s when she first got her hands on a violin that she realized it was perfect for her.

The American violinist has grown vastly popular, she has her own performances across the globe and often uploads some of her masterpieces to her own YouTube channel.

Lindsey, now 30-years-old, has often been named one of the best young musicians in the industry, at it’s easy to see why once you listen to her work!

Here she grabbed a violin and took to a subway station in New York to give the waiting passengers some entertainment while they waited for their next ride.

Listen to how beautifully she plays “Hallelujah”, wonderful!

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