She Takes Her Mom For A Car Ride And Turns The Radio On. What She Heard Made Her Cry 3k

It’s hard to cope with the loss of a loved on, especially when a parent has to cope with the loss of their child.

Mom Michelle couldn’t get over the loss of her late 19-year-old son. It took a huge impact on her life and it sent her on a downward spiral because of it, struggling with life and her financial situation. It started when she needed to take a break off from her work to be able to piece herself back together after her loss, and her bills were beginning to pile up at the same time.

Daughter Crystal thought her mom really needed a pick-me-up and took matters in the her own hands. She got in contact with a famous national radio station which her mom is a huge fan of and asked them to do something special for Michelle

Kyle and Jackie O set up a plan to get Michelle into the car at the right moment so they could make an announcement and surprise her. Let’s just say tears were definitely shed.

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