She Starts Singing With The Lights Off. But When They Turn On, Her Voice Completely Changes 4k

Deanna Johnson has appeared on ‘The Voice’ before to try her talent at becoming a star through the competition but was turned down during the series.

She thought that was the end of the road for her and that she should focus on getting a regular career just like everyone else, even though she wouldn’t be in love with what she did for a living. But her dad was adamant that she continued trying and to never give up on her dreams. He persuaded her to try again and to prepare herself to go on the show again, often practising with the choir at her local church.

The first time she appeared on the the show, not a single judge pressed their buzzer to turn around for Deanna, meaning that none of them were interested in mentoring her, ending her run in the series then and there. But this time, despite being more anxious than last because of what happened before, she sung her heart out singing “Down To The River To Pray”, and received a standing ovation from everyone in the audience and the judges too. It was a completely different response she got from the first time and she could not believe it, for good reason.

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