She Starts Singing To A Huge Rescue Elephant For An Incredible Reason 1k

Anyone who’s seen an elephant up close and in person knows their true beauty and grace. It’s sad that around the world many of them are hunted or captured to be used in illegal shows or zoos.

Thanks to the people at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, many elephants have been given the chance to live a good, fear-free life away from any wrongdoing. One of the elephants there, Faamai, has grown a special bond to Lek, his caretaker. After spending years together, he feels very comfortable with her and her voice, and can be lullabied to sleep by listening to her sing. Something like that is remarkable, never seen before. Lek gently swipe a cloth at him repeatedly as it makes him feel relaxed, just before going off to sleep.

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