She Sings A Whitney And Mariah Duet. Look At Who Comes To Join Her 4k

Grace Lee has shown the world how talented she is with her Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston cover of “When You Believe”.

When Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey first sang “When You Believe”. everyone knew it would be great before they even heard it. What else can you expect when you get two legendary singers together on one song. It was made to be a message in the form of a song, about Moses.

Korean-born Grace Lee has always had a thing for singing ever since she was in diapers. It was the adrenaline and the joy of singing and seeing others smile at music that made her want to perform and make others smile too.

Now Grace finds herself doing a lot of covers for songs and is open to take requests. One of the biggest requests she received was “When You Believe”. Knowing that it was a huge task, she prepared for it and had to sing it in two parts; the Whitney Houston side and then the Mariah Carey side.

The end result of it all is truly remarkable!

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