She Shows Her Baby Bump To An Orangutan. It’s Reaction Will Make You Smile! 2k

A couple caught one of the sweetest moments ever on their phone. While they were visiting a zoo, they wanted to see how an Orangutan would react to seeing a baby bump. Mother-to-be Kayley Bettany held her belly close to the window and found that Rajang, the zoo’s 48-year-old great ape was really interested in getting close to, trying to listen and feel it.

‘When he started playing around with my bump through the glass it amazed me.
‘I never thought the orangutan would react this way – he even had a tear in his eye.’We had to share it with the world because it was just amazing.’

The Orangutan can be seen trying to get closer, as if it knows that theres something precious inside and wants to show love!

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