She Saw Her Mom’s Wedding Photo In An Antique Store And Lost Her Mind When She Looked Inside 5k

It’s not everyday you see your parent’s wedding photos and dresses in an antique store far from home, and far after they were declared lost. Jane Foster was walking around Grand Junction, Colorado, when she stumbled past A Robin’s Nest, a popular antique store in the area. She was glancing around and noticed a photo of her mother, back in 1948 when she was getting married, affixed to the store’s window.

Puzzled, she ran into the store and hunted down a clerk to tell her how they got a hold of that picture and what was going on. It had been over a decade since Jane had last seen that picture, it was stuck to a wall inside her storage locker that got repossesd after forgetting to make payments on it.

The photo wasn’t the only family artificat she discovered that day, as she looked around she noticed her mom’s wedding dressed, wrapped up just like how her mom used to wrap clothes. She was stunned and let out a scream on the spot, she couldn’t beleive she was reunited with her lost priceless items.

She asked the store owner, Shane Allerheiligen, how much the dress would cost her. Once he realized that the woman in the photo and owner of the wedding dress was Jane’s mother, he couldn’t put a price on her happiness.

Jane recalls him saying, “There is no price for this dress. It has made its way back to you. It’s home.”

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