She Passed Away Days After Delivering Triplets. Now Watch Dad As He Raises 5 Kids Alone! 12k

Meet Joey Rott from Clay Center, Kansas, who lives on a farm. It was his and his wife Casi’s idea to buy the property and they renovated it together after moving in. For the past 9 years it was all a labor of love for them, living each day happily together.

When they got news of their triplets on the way, they were both in shock and couldn’t believe it! The delivery went great and the triplets were born on January 29th 2016. About a week after the babies were born, Casi woke up early in the morning with her heart racing, so they decided to go to the ER and have some scans and tests taken.

Bad news was on the way as doctors found a blood clot in her lung but was later released with a clean bill of health.

Watch as the family tell the rest of the heartbreaking story!

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