She Lost Her Dad In The Line Of Duty Before Her Wedding. But The Father-Daughter Dance Still Went On… 2k

One of the most important and memorable days in a woman’s life is the day she gets married. Every girl has fantasized about their dream wedding and how it will be the most perfect event ever. Sadly, some girls have to go through with one of the most important things missing, their parents.

Kristen Mundell lost her dad while he was in the line of duty more than six years ago and the fact that he’s not around still hurts her to this day. As she slowly picked up life after his passing, things began to turn back to normal and she eventually found a man who her dad would have been proud of.

The hard part came when she was planning her wedding ceremony and thinking about how her dad should have been there and how she will proceed without him. She thought there would be no father-daughter dance and that it would cause an awkwardness that would leave her in tears.

But she was mistaken. When the time for the father-daughter dance came up, fellow officers who had worked and were friends with her late father came though to dance with her, one by one, supporting her through what must have been an emotional time.

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