She Lost 7 Of Her Puppies In A Barn Fire, Now Mama Dog Is Met With A Sweet Surprise 1k

It was a horrific day for Jessica Woodruff earlier this year on Feb 20, she had to go through something no one ever wishes to experience, a fire. Thankfully it wasn’t a house fire in this case and none of her family were in trouble, but her barn house in Roseberg, Oregon, caught fire and took the lives of many of her animals. Of the animals she lost, her dog Daisy had recently gave birth to 3-week-old puppies who were caught in the fire and were unable to be saved.

By the time Jessica realized what was happening, it was already too late to save anything. Daisy was outside the family house barking for someone to come out and see. Jessica had to stop Daisy from running back into the burning barn to save her litter of puppies. Daisy was distraught from losing her pups, she became so depressed over her loss that she refused to move or eat, it was self-destructive and they didn’t know what to do. One idea came to mind, Jessica searched online for puppies that needed a home, and found a litter of 8 pups who recently lost their mom during birth.

When Jessica united Daisy with the pups, what happened next was truly incredible.

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