She Got Bored Of Living In A Traditional House So She Built One Inside A Cave 596

There’s no place like home, no matter how far and wide you travel, home is just that special place where everything makes sense. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but some people have decided to ditch the traditional house style and opt for something a little more natural.

Cathy and Randy Clark, living on a steep Arizona mountain, bought a regular property but were worried that they wouldn’t be able to build anything around the house if they ever wanted to. However, one day Cathy was walking around her local area when she heard a big explosion. It came from her neighbors area so she went to check and found out they were creating a cave, right next to the house.

This gave Cathy the idea that she would want one too, so they got to work and managed to create a beautiful habitable man made cave, even with its on natural built in water spring!

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