She Confidently Plays “Hotel California” And It Has Everyone Rooting For Her 2k

Every now and then you come across one individual who you know has been gifted with something most don’t have. That person is Gabriella Quevedo and she had been gifted with an incredible voice. She’s able to making her beautiful singing look so easy when in fact her skill has taken years to get to this point.

She gout out her trusty camera and set it up on a tripod in front of her and began recording herself, sat with a guitar singing “Hotel California”, originally by The Eagles. To those who know the song, it’s no easy task to sing it anywhere near the way it should be sang and most people who attempt it botch it. But Gabriella has more than enough talent and practice to tackle the song and make it every part amazing.

Apart form her singing, it’s also easy to over look how well she can play her guitar so effortlessly. As the song changes many times in rhythm and tempo, she’s able to keep up with it with relative ease.

Her love for singing and playing the guitar stemmed from listening to her dad playing when she was young. He used to be an avid guitarist and would always give a an impromptu performance at nights or when she as feeling down or sad. It wasn’t until she was just over 12 years old that she actually picked up her dad’s guitar to play it for the first time, and noticed that playing it was for more enjoyable than just sitting back and listening to it. She started teaching herself with the help on online lessons and watching professionals play and learning form them.

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