She Builds Tiny Houses For A Living, It’s The Inside That’s Makes The House Amazing 2k

There’s a certain joy to building things yourself, a satisfaction that lasts everytime you look over at your creation and work. Ana White and her husband from Alaska build tiny homes as their living, because they love it and it’s a great career for them both. Because of where they live, they don’t have access to as many materials and resources, and often have to think outside of the box to get stuff done, and that leads to some very innovative thinking.

All of their work is custom built, so their clients will specify what they want and don’t want and they build it from the ground up making sure it ticks all of the boxes. This approach always gives Ana a new challenge and makes her open her creativity every time she’s at work, meaning there is never a dull day for her. Just look inside one of her creations at this tiny trailer home, it’s beautiful!

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