She Bakes A Cake For A Mystery Customer, And She Cries When They Walk In 1k

Meet Mary Pat Seiss. She works at Oakmont Bakery in Pennsylvania and loves working there with her friendly collegeuages and kind customers. Every cake is made to order and she loves putting in the attention and detail to make every customer smile.

Back in the spring of last year, Mary Pat received a custom order from a new client who just ‘moved’ into town and she wasted no time in starting the order and making it as perfect as she could.

The cake was a birthday cake, being made for a young girl, Kelly, who was turning 6-years-old! A little side note on the order gave Mary Pat some details about Kelly, so she could add in extra features that would suit her. Among those was a note that said Kelly had cancer, and Mary Pat could relate to that very well, since she has been living with leukaemia from the age of 6.

It’s been an ongoing battle for Mary Pat, after she was diagnosed she recieved two years of of constant treatment and happily went into remission. But it was short lived and a year later, at the age of 9, she relapsed and has been in a constant fight against it since, going in front treatment and in and out of remission.

She has too brothers who she calls ‘anchors’ in her life, they looks up to them and aways has them by her side when times get tough. She says that they are her ‘bright lights’ and keep her going day to day. It was hard for them to both leave home and start lives with their own families but they still make contact with her to make sure everything is going well.

When Mary Pat was baking the wonderful cake for little Kelly, one of Mary Pat’s brothers, Robert, was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, serving in the U.S army and awaiting deployment.

By now you can see where this story is headed, when Mary Pat was ready for the customer to come and collect their cake, she got a surprise that had he jumping for joy and in tears of happiness.

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