She Asks Her Dad If He’s Got Alzheimers, His Response Made Her Smile 3k

Dealing with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia can be incredibly hard to cope with, especially for the loved ones of those who suffer from it. Many people who have someone living with it will often hear a patient get a glimpse of their memory back for just a brief moment, before going back to their regular state.

Elaine Rusk has been looking after her father, Norm, for a few years now and she’s become his full time carer. Often she will get a big smile when her dad will talk of a memory that he would normally have forgotten, it’s like his inner light reignites and even he enjoys reminiscing about memories. Here, Elaine asked her dad if he was aware that he had Alzheimer’s and if he knew what it was. He responded knowing he had it and that it caused “memory loss”.

It is tough living with it and there are the good and bad days, but Elaine has often said that she treasures every second she had with her dad.

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