She Approached A Stray Dog That Collapsed Next To Her And Saved Its Life 5k

Tamia Cappelluti was driving along the roads in Costa Rica, taking in the views and scenery, when she noticed a small slim figure on the side of the of road. As she got closer, she saw a dog was trying to get the attention of anyone going by.

She stopped her car and began walking over to the dog. She saw the dog, Gaia, collapse and began looking lifeless.

‘When I jumped out of the car to check on her she immediately fell on the ground and started crying,’ she posed on her Facebook page.

She quickly grabbed what food and water she had in her truck and quickly brought it over to Gaia, who was slowly eating and drinking with the energy she had left.

When she gathered some energy, she moved Gaia into the back of her truck and took her to a local shelter, where the dog could be further treated. And then it didn’t take long for her to get her forever home!

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