School Janitor Walks Into Assembly To Clean Up, Finds Something Unexpected 683

When it comes to having someone to rely on in school the custodian is always someone who’s kind and gentle, and loves supporting the kids to make their day better.

Rocky, the school custodian at Los Primeros Schoo, Carmarillo, has always been around for the students, helping them when they need it and being a great role model. “He’s always nice, always positive, and always makes our day”.

The school wanted to surprise him, to show their appreciation for all the work he does and give him a day dedicated to celebrating him. To keep it a secret, Rocky was told he was being interviewed for the school year book, to avoid drawing any suspicion.

They spent time gathering his favorite candies, making decorations of his favorite sports team and set up in the assembly hall. He was then called in to clean up some “sick” in the hall, but when he stepped in, he was met with a very different surprise.

“My purpose is to help people, be happy, because we’re all one family”.

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