Rowan Atkinson ‘Accidentally’ Walked On Stage, Found A Special Drum Kit And Left The Audience Tears Of Laughter 3k

Rowan Atkinson is an English actor who is known for his comedic roles on TV and in movies. He has appeared in numerous comedy shows that have made him rise to fame, including ‘Blackadder’ and more notably, ‘Mr Bean’.

He is widely known for his incredible influence in making people laugh and has been an icon to so many people and in their childhoods. Rowan would often make appearances at concerts and shows and leave everyone in hysterical laughter.

When he ‘accidentally’ came on stage here while sweeping the floor, he came across an ‘invisible’ drum kit and it startled him. He went closer to investigate and thought he would try his hand at playing it like a professional, and he did an amazing job at it!

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