Restaurant Worker Picks Up Food From Her Plate And It Had Everyone Looking Over At Them 1k

Everyone’s got their special place where they like to go and eat and just feel comfortable. This married couple find their local IHOP in Springfield, Illinois, is the place they like to be at least once week for their breakfast on weekends. The workers and staff know the couple well since they have been long time regulars.

The wife suffers from Huntington’s disease, and as a result of the sympoms and effects, it means she can’t really feed herself and needs someone else to do it for her. Usually this is her husband, but on this day 43-year-old Joe Thomas, one of the workers there, noticed her husbands food was getting cold as he was feeding his wife, so he decided to feed her instead while he also enjoyed his meal, “Sit down, eat your food,” he told the husband. “I got her.”

This soon turned into a weekly tradition for the three, and to them it became completely normal, good friends hanging out and eating food, but another customer saw and snapped a photo of the good deed and had to post it online for others to see.

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