Realtor Takes His Mom To View A House And She Likes It, That’s When He Drops His Big Surprise 1k

Josh DeShong is a realtor based in Dallas and he knows when theres a good deal on a great house on the market. When he saw this property, he snapped it up and spend over a year refurbishing it making it into a comfortable living space for someone special. His mom, Vickie, often takes interest in his work and likes to see the houses the refurbishes before putting them back on the market.

They’ve had a very close upbringing, Josh was often labelled a less-intelligent kid and would often fall behind in class, but his mom never once doubted his ability to become something great, as he was always full of energy and looking for things to do.

Not long ago when Josh got into the real estate business, he wanted to do something to get all of his mom’s worries forgotten, she had recently lost her mom and sister and it was a heartbreak for her. “Today, I get to give her back something I’ve been working my entire career to be able to do”. When he showed his mom his recent project, she was in love with what he had done to the house, but as they moved towards the kitchen, he had a big surprise to reveal to her.

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