Rescue Puppy Was Acting Lifeless Until Firefighter Who Rescued Her Showed Up 4k

Chunkie the world’s sweetest puppy has been through a hard life, until firefighter Mike Thawley in Sacramento, CA, rescued her from terrible abuse. Thawley found the puppy in a heartbreaking state, she was shivering in the rain, her feet tied up and as sick as she could be. When Mike brought her in to the Front Street Animal Shelter, she quickly began treating her and bringing her back to good health and making sure she was well looked after.

That night when Thawley left, little Chunkie began acting sad and lonely in her cage, frightened without a friendly recognizable face around. But when Thawley returned the next morning to check up on her, she quickly sprung to life, and their new bond was quickly seen by everyone. If things pan out right, Thawley right even be able to take Chunkie home for good!

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