Priest Asks Bride’s Father To Step On Stage, But She Couldn’t Imagine Him Ever Surprising Her 12k

Everyone wants their big day to special and the most memorable day of all. For most, the day of the wedding has to be straight out of a fairy tale and be like no other.

Holding extravagant wedding ceremonies is one way to make it memorable and unique but there are more ways to keep the guests entertained and make it worth remembering.

We’ve seen dads before surprising their daughter on their wedding days with heartfelt speeches and also performances. One dad wanted to do just that for his girl.

He had been inspired by watching Father Ray Kelly singing “Hallelujah” at wedding ceremonies so he began practising his singing voice months in advance. He’d spoken to the priest before hand to and he was the only one to know what the bride’s father was about to do, leaving everyone else speechless!

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