Pentatonix Are Taking Over Everyones Playlists With Their Christmas Carol 1k

Pentatonix always step up their game when it comes to Christmas time, they all love the holiday season and it inspires them to write and sing much more then they usually do throughout the year.

Pentatonix is a group made up of five members, originating from Texas. They are widely known for being an a cappella group, meaning they use no instruments at all in their music, just the sounds that they make themselves.

While they have focussed on doing music covers, they also cover hymns and carols around Christmas that turn out to be stunningly beautiful to listen to.

This year, they have come together to sing a Christmas carol favorite, “O Come, All Ye Faithful” which can be dates back to over 3 centuries ago. To hear more of Pentatonix’s work, click here to visit their Youtube page.

Many listeners have commented on their page that the group have taken over their Christmas playlists for the month!

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