Pastor Invited A Family On Stage For A Special Message. That’s When Someone Approaches From Behind… 3k

A pastor was closing the Sunday Church Service, we wanted to give special treat to some parents sitting in the crowd. He invited Kim and Sarah on to the stage, with nervous laughs going around, they were unsure what to expect and made their way to the stage behind the pastor.

They looked nervous because they knew they were about to be surprised. The pastor wanted to close off the service in a special way on Father’s day.

Their son Keith was deployed to Iraq several months ago and with the aid of technology, they played a recording of him praying a blessing over his parents and everyone else back at home.

His beautiful prayer left his parents in tears as they struggled to hold back their emotions in front of everyone.

Just as the recording ended, the pastor invited on to the stage Sergeant Keith, their son, who came in and gave his parents a huge hug with everyone in the audience cheering them on.

Welcome back solider!

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