Park Rangers Spotted A Baby Elephant Stuck In A Deep Pond, Now See Mom’s Reaction 2k

Elephant are among the most beautiful animals in the world, their incredible size makes them one of the most breathtaking creatures to see up close, and they have remarkable intelligence. As herd animals, they always stick together and look after their young very seriously.

However, elephant mom Zahava and the rest of the family were in panic when her 5-day-old calf fell into a large muddy pond and couldn’t climb back out. The park rangers noticed something unusual from afar and drove closer to investigate, and they say the family unable to do anything to help the young one get out.

After herding the elephants away from the pond to create safe distance, the park rangers put in all their efforts and power combined to help the young one climb out as mom watched on.

Watch their battle to get him out and then mom’s reaction as she comes running back to hold her baby close.

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