Owl Reunited With The Man Who Rescued Her And She Wouldn’t Let Go Of Him 5k

We all have a special place in our hearts for those who cared and looked after us. Most times that would be family, but for GiGi the owl, she had no family when she was down and hurt, but she did have Douglas Pojeky, who looked after her.

GiGi the great horned owl was brought to Wild At Heart Rescue in Mississippi after she was hit by a car and suffered a severe trauma to her head. Unable to move, her body also started deteriorating , riddled with parasites. It led to her losing almost half her weight.

One person was adamant to look after GiGi though. Douglas Pojeky, also known as the “birds of prey whisperer” in the organization formed a bond with GiGi that completely changed her. After Douglas had to leave for a while, upon his return, he noticed how much GiGi had changed and improved, and she wouldn’t stop hugging him!

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