Old Veteran Drops Groceries In Parking Lot, Mom Cries When She Finds Out He Tricked Her 5k

Bill Greenham is 89-years-old and on a mission to give back to the people who make his community a better place to be in. The World War II veteran planned out a way to give back to helpful strangers, his plan was to stand outside a Walmart and ‘accidentally’ drop some of his groceries on the sidewalk, waiting for someone to help him with them.

It first looks like Bill can’t reach down himself, standing fragile with his walking cane, looking at bystanders to help him. A woman who was walking by, Melissa Whittington, with her stepson Phillip, were quick to reach over and help Bill put his groceries back in the back. As quickly as they were done, Bill said to Melissa that he wanted to do something for her. That’s when she learned that Bill was a volunteer with the North Port Police Department and placed there as an act of kindness for local folks.

Officers were sat nearby, recording the event and with a microphone attached to Bill to hear all the interactions that too place. They discovered through the conversation that it was Philip’s birthday, and acted quickly to buy a gift for him, all for being kind.

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