Old Terminally Ill Chimpanzee Was Reunited With The Man Who Cared For Her, Amazing! 380

Mama is a 56 year old chimpanzee, the oldest at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands. Her long time carer Jan van Hooff visited her one last time, as a farewell, knowing she was very old, severely ill and didn’t have much life expectancy left.

She got the stage where she was refusing to eat, unresponsive to any of the zoo workers and preferring to lie in her spot without moving. That’s until Jan van Hooff came to see her, and she instantly sprung into life, smiling at him and willing to eat anything he handed to her. The look on her face spoke a million words and the way she holding him was something beyond words.

He brought her comfort and familiar face in her final days, something that meant the world to her.

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