Officer Was On Duty When He Was Recorded Hilariously Dancing In Public 3k

Sometimes when the weather is good and everyone around you is happy, the urge celebrate and enjoy yourself through dance might just take over, at least that is for Officer Zack Vanderwerf.

The rookie officer had only been part of his local force, Lansing Police Department, Illinois, for three months when he was sent to overwatch and keep the day positive at the Letts Community Centre’s Spring Carnival.

He was just standing around making sure there were smiles all around when a woman asked him to join in and dance along. He thought to him self “why not” and began to show off his moves that took most of the carnival goers by surprise. What’s more impressive was that he knew all the moves to the “Cupid Shuffle” and was luckily recorded on a camera for his colleagues to later see.

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