Nervous Contestant Performs Song From Grandad’s Funeral, Loses It When Everyone Stands Up 782

For Christopher Maloney, his nerves hit an all time high when he finally pushed himself to get on stage to sing his heart out.

The customer service worker had long though about appearing on the show to try his luck at becoming the next big thing. For many years, he got close to applying but would always back out at the last minute, knowing that his nerves would never allow him to get on a stage and be himself.

After much persuasion from his grandmother, he finally made his way to appearing before the judges and the crowd, and realized it was as scary as he had imagined it.

He told the judges it was a lifelong dream to appear on stage, and that he wanted to sing something special to him, a song that was played at his grandfather’s funeral and it meant a lot to him.

When he starts singing Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’, the judges eyes instantly shoot up to look at him, in disbelief that a voice so powerful is coming from him.

He gives his performance all he has before coming to a stop, and is met with a standing ovation from the crowd and judges, a moment that overwhelms him in tears. He goes on to tell the judges that he never thought he was that good, because others around him had told him he would embarrass himself on the show.

See how it all went down, and how he fulfilled a lifelong dream in one evening.

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