Neglected As A Kid, This Dad Has Become A Guardian Angel To Four Special Children

Rob Scheer has a tough childhood, being the youngest of 10 siblings, most of the memories he has are bad ones. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, he then lost his both his parents at the age of 10 and was put into care, being moved around constantly and feeling unloved.

For a period of time he had no one and nothing, but was determined not to give up on wanting a better life. He signed up for service as the only way out, his first stepping stone to getting his life back under control before moving onto a stable office job, where he met his partner, Reece. They both knew they wanted kids, and started looking for ways to make that happen.

Rob and Reece were contacted back and told about a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, who had been through some trouble growing up. They had smiles growing on their faces as they went to meet Amaya and Makai to bring them home for the first time. It wasn’t long after that they opened their arms to two more kids, Greyson and Tristan to join their new family.

The road ahead was certainly not a simple one, they faced many barriers and obstacles because of Rob and Reece’s relationship. They continued to fight for the kids, to give them the upbringing and care that Rob never had to chance to have.

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