Navy Vet Saved An Elderly Woman From An Attacker, Then He Received A Priceless Surprise 3k

At the parking lot of a supermarket in Florida, cameras captured the moment a thief attempted to steal a purse from an elderly woman after attacking her, back in 2014. Fortunately, Kendrick Taylor was close by and saw what was going on. It was more than coincidence that he also happened to be a Navy veteran, trained and prepared to face the attacker and thief. Quickly, Kendrick ran after the thief as he made his escape, tackling him to the ground and restraining him until the police arrived.

His action rewarded him with a Medal of Merit from his local Sheriff’s Office for his bravery and action, and made local news, which was luckily picked up by Ellen DeGeneres and she was excited to invite him on to her show. She heard the story form him and then wanted to surprise him with a few things that he really deserved.

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