Mom Was Teaching Her Twins How To Speak, But Dad Accidentally Taught Them Something Hilarious 21k

Teach them while they’re young, that’s every parent’s aim when it comes to making their babies the smartest they can be. So much effort can go into teaching them the simplest things, like how to crawl and even the odd words to learn, such as mommy and daddy.

But babies love to learn the things that they shouldn’t, like in this clip here. Mom was trying to teach her adorable twin boys how to say mommy and daddy while they were playing with their favorite dinosaur toys. In the middle of her efforts, dad walked in the room and sneezed, startling the babies a little, but it didn’t take long for them to find it funny enough to learn and mimic.

What followed next was countless ‘fake’ sneezes which they found adorably funny!

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