Mom Was Shocked That No One Turned Up To 9-Year-Old Son’s Birthday Party. When She Found Out Why? Shocking! 5k

As a kid, birthday parties are probably the best day in the whole year and you’d look forward to it months in advance. It’s the one day where you want to feel appreciated and celebrate yourself, with the people your friends and family to celebrate with you.

But could you imagine what it would be like to be stood up by all the guests you invited to your birthday party?

Gerald Hamilton of Indiana was ready to celebrate his 9th birthday and sent out around 20 invitations to classmates. However, not one of them turned up. Shocked at why no one turned up, Gerald’s family contacted the parents of the other children, and they had very unpleasant reasons.

But the tables turned for Gerald, when the story of no one celebrating his birthday made rounds on the internet, hundreds of cards and birthday wishes started flooding in to make this 9-year-old feel super special!

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