Mom Tries To Stop Her Baby From Crying, Then Dog Runs Over And Knows The Remedy 2k

When mom-to-be Katie Wahrhaftig was 5-months pregnant, she had the idea of adopting a dog so her newborn could have a best friend and someone to play with for many years of her life. She found Jeeves, a boxer dog, and adored him instantly, knowing he was the perfect fit for the family. She did have concerns on how the two would get along and how the dog would accept someone new in to the family, especially a small baby. But soon she realized that all her worries were for nothing, as the two instantly became best friends and Jeeves does his part to look after baby Grahm.

Mom recorded her baby crying, looking for some attention, when Jeeves came close and began tickling him, making him laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

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