Mom-To-Be Notices Blue Decor At Gender Reveal Party, Then Husband Reveals What’s Under His Jacket 2k

Deciding to have a kid is a big step, it has to be well planned and the parents have to be sure they’re ready for the challenges they’ll face. It took Brittany and Timothy almost two years after marriage to decide that they were ready to dive in to the adventures of becoming parents. In May earlier this year, they got the incredible news that they had a baby on the way.

Instead of messaging and calling their friend and family about the gender of their child, they wanted to go traditional and hold a gender reveal party to stir up the excitement even more. They gathered all their close ones and stood in a room with and brought out a box in the middle of the room. The suspense grew as they opened it and out came blue balloons. Everyone was over the moon, but it wasn’t the end of the surprise there, as Timothy had more to reveal for everyone, and that’s where the true surprise lied.

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