Mom-To-Be Breaks Down In Tears At White Balloons During Gender Reveal 6k

No one’s more excited to find out what their baby is going to be like than the parents. This couple wanted to throw a family and friends get together for their big gender reveal, but didn’t have a clue themselves. Thy left it to their close friend. Tiniki, to be in charge of everything. While they were excited to open the box to see either a pink or blue balloon, they weren’t ready to see three while balloon float out.

Tied to them was a note, which the dad-to-be grabbed and started reading to make sense of what was going on. It was then that they realized what the white balloons meant, each white balloon to signify 1 of the three miscarriages they had suffered from in the family. Angela, the pregnant wife, has suffered two miscarriages herself, while her sister had also had one. It served as a memorial for their lost children.

It didn’t end there though, the real gender reveal was ready, and the expecting mom was overjoyed at the outcome.

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