Mom Looks Inside Box The Doctor Gave To Her, Then Dad Sees It And Loses His Mind 2k

Kan Champagne and her partner Blake wanted to do a special gender reveal party for their friend and family to find out the gender of their unborn child. They assembled everyone into one room and held a box that had had something inside that would reveal all. They were given the box by their doctor, who found out the gender and privately put a bauble coloured either pink or blue into the box for them to open. They nervously opened the box and were joyed that they saw a blue bauble to hang on their Christmas tree.

It got more emotional for their dad since they wanted to name their baby son after him, leaving him red faced and holding back his tears. After the clip ends, they sit down and reveal that they had known the gender from before, and that they filmed their reaction when they first found out, and needless to say, dad was over the moon.

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