Mom Handed Her Down Syndrome Baby Over To The Pope. What Happened Next Is A Miracle 15k

Lynn Cassidy believes she witnessed a miracle first hand when she handed over her 3-month-old daughter to the Pope.

Her 3-month-old daughter Ave was born with Down Syndrome and a number of other complications, particularly two holes in her heart since birth. After spending any days and nights in the hospital putting her daughter through surgeries and operations to make her better, she visited Rome as a family trip and got to see Pope Francis passing by.

As they waited for the Pope’s motorcade to arrive on the rainy day, they made their way as close as they could to the barricades so that they could have the Pope see their daughter and possible say a prayer over her.

Luckily for them, one of the Pope’s bodyguards took Ave and handed her over to the Pope. What happened next Lynn can only describe as a miracle!

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