Mom Got Scared When She Saw Her Son Acting Odd, Then She Saw Bruises On His Face 925


One of the worst things that happen is to see our loved ones being hurt.

For Bridgette Payne, her heart was broken when she noticed something very wrong with her son. It all started when she noticed her 5 year old son, Ayrian, lying in his bed early, something which he had never done before as he would normally be hesitant about going to sleep.

She approached him to see what was wrong with him, and that’s when her face dropped, she noticed bruises along the side of his face and his body showing signs of injuries.

She was in tears, trying to figure out what happened to him, and that’s when her son shockingly said it was her boyfriend, Wesley McCollum, who hurt him.

She immediately questioned McCollum, who said he did what he did because her son opened his Christmas presents early.
McCollum said he wanted to teach the young boy a lesson for opening a Christmas gift without permission. Shocked and furious, Bridgette immediately called the police and had McCollum arrested for charges of child abuse.

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