Mom Died During Child Childbirth, But 24 Hours Later Everyone Witnessed A Miracle 4k

Having a child marks a new stage in parents’ lives, no one is ever really prepared for it but it’s all about learning and loving. When hopefully parents Doug and Melanie Pritchard were expecting the arrival of their daughter, some complications arose and Melanie fell into cardiac arrest from a rare allergic reaction to the amniotic fluid embolism which is produced during childbirth. As Melanie flatlined, her daughter was born.

Traumatized by what happened, Doug looked to everyone around him to help save his wife and bring her back. The doctors began reviving her and they did, but she was in a very unstable condition and had to take her to an intensive care unit, only to find out the extent of her internal bleeding. After a gruelling twenty four hours after she had been declared dad at childbirth, she was able to open her eyes and meet her daughter and husband who was in never ending tears.

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