Mom Delivers Beautiful Twin Identical Girls, Then Doctors Apologize For What They’re About To Say 13k

One of the greatest pleasures a parent can have is to see their own child born and holding them in their arms, it’s that moment that changes everything. When Matt and Jodi Parry first learned they were going to have a child, they were over the moon. But the news only got better for them, scans revealed that they were having twin girls, and they couldn’t believe their blessing. It wasn’t only them excited, their son was ready to take on the role as a big brother and couldn’t wait to see his sisters.

Twins Abigail and Isobel were born few weeks premature and had to spend a lot of time in the ICU, and that’s when the parents received a call from the doctors that left them heartbroken. The parents met with a doctor and the two words they remember the most is when the doctor said to them, “I’m sorry”. The doctor explained that both girls were diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and at that point a lot of things started running through the parent’s mind. They didn’t get all the information they needed on how the girl’s lives and their own lives would change, and it left them feeling very nervous and uncertain about all their futures. But it wasn’t long after they got back home that the realized exactly what was going to happen.

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