Mom Breaks Down In Tears From Husband And Daughter’s Puppy Surprise

There’s not many surprises that can top one that includes puppies. Suddenly being introduced to a small bundle of fluffy cuteness can bring anyone to tears, and it was something this husband had been planning for months after the loss of their elderly dog.

Months of patience and keeping a secret well guarded, this husband set off to bring back a puppy for his wife, who has always had a soft spot for dogs and puppies and still with a heavy heart from the passing of their late dog. But when he got there, he found out that there were twins, he knew his surprise was about to get even better.

He called his daughter out to his truck, who knew about the surprise but had no idea there would be two of the little ones. She could barely contain her excitement as they each picked one up and began walking over to their home with a smile, knowing a big shock was coming mom’s way.

Trying their best to contain all their excitement, they walk inside and keep silent as mom approaches. Mom at this point is stunned and not sure what’s going on, while that dad and daughter duo try their best to contain their laughter. It doesn’t take long for mom to realise what’s happening and quickly embraces a puppy, while falling down on her knees in tears.

At this point, mom is in disbelief, and then realizes it’s not just one pup, but two! She looks over to her husband in tears and expresses her shock, while holding the pups closely and coming to terms with the fact that she’s now got two magical young pups in her life!

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