Mom Asks Her Down Syndrome Son To Open The Box, Cries When He Notices What’s Inside 15k

If there’s anyone in the world who understand each other the most, it’s got to be siblings. Ollie Doerr who suffers from Down Syndrome has always been very close to his older brother, Tom, as he always looked after him on top of what their parents were doing for him. To Ollie, Tom was like a second mentor and learned a lot from him. But in 2016, Tom had to leave the U.K to go to the United States. It was hard for both of them but Ollie was left with a feeling of sadness knowing his big brother was so far away.

Ollie would always be asking Tom over calls when he might return back home, but even Tom couldnt give a definite answer due to his work commitments. Ollie didn’t have any hope to see his brother return for Christmas that year, but woke up to a big parcel on his doorstep on Christmas day. He began opening the box and noticed it moved, then as he ripped it open, he began shedding his tears.

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